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“As an instructor she is always encouraging me to do better and to grow as a dancer. I’ve been taking classes around town for over two years, and I still learn something new in every class. So glad I found her!!” - Lynda

“Outstanding!!! Thanks a million!!” - Gamai

"Mel'Keta is a great instructor. She is very knowledgeable and makes learning belly dancing fun. She is always encouraging and has a great personality." - Lakisha

"Though I've only been in class a few weeks, I could sense Mel'Keta's passion and love for this art. She's a patient teacher, willing to take any questions and go through the moves over and over again. She's really inspired me to master the craft!" - Nabilah

“I really enjoyed it!” - Suki

“Mesmerizing...I was the front row!” - Gail

“Totally gorgeous. You belong in a Vegas line-up” - Diana

“Beautiful, amazing, and completely captivating dancer.” - Lynda

“Amazing, Pulls you in like a beautiful snake charmer.” - Thomas

"I really enjoyed the belly dancing demo at my birthday party. I would and have recommended your services to others. My intention for my party was to celebrate the divine feminine principles. Everything was perfect, I really like the history that you shared about belly dancing and it's origins. Just what I wanted. Thank you!"- Asha

"Mel'Keta has an amazing personality and is very good at breaking it down for beginners. I had a great time and will be doing this again."- Crystal C. and the Carousels
"Dear Mel'Keta,
I wanted to thank you once again for making my event a successful one, your professionalism, dedication and attention to detail is appreciated.
My friends and family still talk about the Wedding/Vow Renewal and how wonderful it was and that they had a great time.
You have left an everlasting impression with your belly dancing craft with the people of Trinidad, many have said to me that they have not experienced any thing like that and it was different from the traditional stuff you see at a wedding/ vow renewal.
Keep doing what your are doing because you are an inspiration to others.
I can't wait to have you perform at another major event in my family's life.
sincerely, Carolyn" - Carolyn T.-- Macoya Trinidad and Tobago W.I.
Mel’Keta was very professional and energetic. She provided thorough technique, great teacher! It was a beautiful experience to learn more of the history of the dance and to bond with sisters, felt very comfortable. Loved this!! Ah-mazing!! - AGOG
Mel’Keta, Thank you so much! We really enjoyed ourselves. You are a jewel! Be Blessed :) - Erika H.

about me

Born of Polynesian decent, Mel'Keta is a Professional Belly Dancer and Instructor that has performed throughout the Northeast, Internationally, and throughout the Greater Nashville Tennessee area. Mel’Keta has made a journey through many art forms of dance, including ballet, modern, jazz, and ballroom dancing. Having been reared in the rhythms of the South Pacific Islands, her passion for dance has naturally brought her back full circle to the origin and relative art form of Tahitian and Oriental dance.  

Originally from New Jersey, Mel’Keta has studied throughout the Northeast  with many amazing instructors, as well as dance intensives with internationally acclaimed artists such as Elena Lentini, Samara (protégés of Ibrahim Farrah), and Ansuya. As an Entrepreneur, choreographer and costume designer, along with two Degrees in Accounting, Mel’Keta brings her love of dance and attention to detail together to create a joyous union that evokes a cathartic release to life in her performance as well as her teaching.

Unto these words by Ted Shawn, "Dance is the only art wherein we ourselves are the stuff it's made of", Mel'Keta structures her life and continues to bring joy to the hearts of many.


Birthday Parties (Sweet 16's & Quinceaneras)
Girls Night Out
Bachelorette Parties

Private Classes
Corporate Events

Creating an extraordinary and most memorable experience for you is Mel'Keta's highest  priority. She will work closely with you to ensure that your event details are tailored perfectly just for you!!

To hire Mel'Keta, email or call 908.938.0587

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! New Session starts 01/10/18


Improve your strength, balance, flexibility, stamina, and body placement while learning how to develop personal expression through the breakdown of basic Oriental dance (aka belly dance) movements. The art of Oriental dance (belly dance) is for all ages and student levels, from beginner to professional.

From the stage to the street!!!!

Styles: From Egyptian to Turkish, Lebanese to the Persian Gulf -- Raqs Sharqi, Shaabi, Dabke, Khaleegi...


WEDNESDAYS 6:45- 7:45p

Location: CASA AZAFRAN (GLOBAL EDUCATION CENTER STUDIOS)                                           

2195 Nolensville Pike , Nashville, TN 37211

Trying belly dance for the very first time or maybe second time? No Worries!!!  This class focuses on move foundation and execution, perfect for Absolute Beginners as well as dancers who want to improve their technique.



Location: Caza Azafran (GLOBAL EDUCATION CENTER STUDIOS)                                         

2195 Nolensville Pike , Nashville, TN 37211

Troupe choreography immediately to follow (By Invitation Only)

This class is well suited for Beginners as well as Intermdiate students, so regardless of your starting point, there is something for everyone. Learn technique, posturing, language, move execution, combinations, and transitions with emphasis on stage presence and improvisation all while building core strength and most importantly having fun!!

  • Dynamic Combinations
  • Progressive Beginner II/ Intermediate Choreographies
  • Instrumentation and Props(zils, veils,...)

10 week block: $120 ($12 per class) AVAILABLE DURING OPEN REGISTRATION PERIOD ONLY.

Drop ins welcome: $15 per class

Gift Certificates Available


(Pardon our appearance during construction. Events will have a new home shortly.)



Sept.23rd Mel'Keta at Mirage 10p-Knoxville

Sept.30th International Festival 11a-Bowling Green, KY

Oct.14th Southern Festival of Books 12p-Nashville

Oct.21st Mel'Keta at Mirage 10p-Knoxville

Oct.28th Wicked Shimmies Halloween Party-Nashville

Nov.2-6 Dearborn, MI

Nov.11th Sultan's Cafe, 10p-Nashville

Dec.2nd Sultan's Cafe, 10p-Nashville

Dec.9th Christmas Party-Bowling Green, KY

Dec.16th Christmas Party- Nashville

Dec.23rd Sultan's Cafe, 10p-Nashville


Past Events



September 23rd & 24th 2016 (FRI. & SAT.)


Friday, Sept. 23, 2016  7:30p - 9:30p

Mel'Keta presents- Going LIVE!!!! Dancer and Drummer - Hands On Rhythm-In Depth with Guest Teachers Morwenna and Walid Assaf

WORKSHOP/INTENSIVE Wednesday, May 24th 6:30p-9:30p











quick faqs

What should I wear?

Lightweight workout clothing, yoga pants are always a favorite. Anything that you are comfortable and able to move freely in. Long skirts are not advised for absolute beginners, instructor needs to see your leg movement to ensure proper technique.

Bare Feet or Shoes?

Again, to be barefoot or wear shoes depends on your personal preference. Suggestions for those that are not comfortable barefoot include ballet slippers, jazz shoes, or dance sandals. If you need further suggestions feel free to ask.  

Hip Scarves -- to jingle or not to jingle?

For some students familiar with belly dance class garb, you may wonder if to wear a hip scarf or not. A hip scarf is perfectly fine as long as the beading is kept basic. Heavily beaded hip scarves although beautiful, can become a distraction as well as a foot hazard to you and your fellow classmates.  So please keep in mind that we all want to have fun and learn in the safest way possible.

What payment options do I have / where do I pay?

Current payment options include cash, check, money order or credit card via paypal (cr. card payments are not available on location, service charge applies to credit card payments). You can submit your payment along with your registration form via email or on location.

What if I am absent from class?

Classes are continuous in session, therefore if you are absent (planned or unplanned) it is your responsibility to let your instructor know as soon as possible to discuss available options for a makeup, refunds are not available.

Still have a question?

No Worries!!!! Feel free to send a message.

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